The Ultimate Period Harmony Guide

Nourishing Recipes & Expert Tips to reduce symptoms naturally

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Your guide to better periods

Tired, hangry and struggling with breakouts or painful cramps each month. It doesn't have to be this way! Find out what causes your symptoms and how to balance your hormones so you can feel amazing, even on your period. I've included my favourite hormone balancing recipes as well!

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Hey, I'm Uta

I'm a BANT Registered Nutritionist, Women's Health Expert, Lecturer and Writer as well as the in house nutritionist at one of the largest fertility clinics in the South East of England. I've also trained with the National Center for Eating Disorders and am passionate about supporting women not only with their health but their relationship with food. 

Over the years I've been able to work with hundreds of women and support them with their menstrual health, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility and mental health. This has given me an insight into the daily challenges we face and how poorly understood the female body is at times.

“My goal is to educate women on how their bodies work, how food impacts their hormones and how they can use this knowledge to reduce cycle related symptoms and live a more balanced life.”

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